Always Friendly

Doing business with this dealership was a pleasure. Always friendly and attentive, which makes the process so easy and seamless. I highly recommend this dealership for all your vehicle needs.

Other customers satisfied

Day-Long Service

My car needed a new seat frame and the part was ordered for me (no charge under warranty). Setting up an appointment was nothing, easy as pie. I was reminded the day before that I had a service appointment. Drop-off was super simple, was given a car to use for the day since mine would be in all day which was a HUGE help. All work completed with no issue, and everyone was very professional and friendly. Treated like family, as usual.

Power Window Fix

Brought a car out of warranty for a power window that wouldn't go up, and they fixed it in no time and without out any additional parts. Only cost $116/hr for the labour.

Regular Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Nice people and a good service team. They do a quality job in reasonable time. Free coffee is a courtesy.

Would definitely recommend this service center.

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